Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker is a British artists who conveys strong and powerful messages through her work. She has been described as one of the most “inventive and quietly provocative artist of her generation”.

She was originally trained as a sculptor but uses a variety of mediums including

  • photography
  • performance
  • installation
  • sculpture  – to conevey her messages.

She is know to create probing questions of the nature of rules and the structures that governs us.

Her most influential piece to me is called “Cold dark matter” or the exploding shed. This was a collaboration with the police and military where they blew up a garden shed. It represent the violence that potentially happens with in domestic life. The shed was an ideal symbol for as its generally a universal baggage container.

cold dark matter.jpg

A shed holds all of the item and even memory’s that we forget about but dont want to get rid of, its part of peoples lives. Where the explosion is destruction violence that can corrupt a house hold. The sculpture captures a split second in time, where the end was unknown. Parker started the design process of the end piece as they were hanging completely working with what was left.

One of her running themes is using found objects. All of her work involves a story of some kind whether she is recovering a story from found objects or making new ones by colliding the items.

Cornelia Parker also explains things we dont understand with objects and things we know well. For example domestic violence with the cotencts of a shed.

Other themes are:

  • exploring both side of an object both shiny and tarnished.
  • mortality or the passing of time,
  • violence in a subtle way
  • something being easily read but posing a question.

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