Conrad Shawcross

Conrad Shawcross is a British artists who is know for creating kinetic and mechanical sculptures/ installations.

In the interview Shawcross describes how art is about other things. He wants to involve the world in his work ,science ,philosophy theory. And how the aim is for people to interpret it how they like, they dont have to understand all the details or the technical aspects of his work as long as they enjoy it or even take ownership.

I admire the fact that hes using his knowledge to inspire his work.When the sculpture is installed he releases control and doesnt force the idea or work onto the people. I also appreciate that he want to be part of it help with the making, the reason he doe ist is because he is a maker.

Time piece:

  • 700 parts
  • 4000 hours
  • 1,000 watt bulbs – expiriencing new light.
  • round house exhibition space

time piece

As well as interesting themes and method he is very inventive. Its very clear his style is mechanical based along with the use of metal and light. The slow arc cage would make amazing shadows with a static light inside but hes pushed the concept so much further by adding the element of movement. Not only do you watch the motorised lights circling around but how the shadows change around you around the room.

Slow arc cage:

  • one motor
  • welded cage
  • fluent change of shadow- distance, intensity, scale

slow arc cage



His work gave me the idea of how other people think of shadows if given the chance how they would change a shadow and react to it, to their surroundings. ( blog post Playing with shadows)

Shawcross as also shown me that im not exactly happy with the idea of a lamp shade. Particularly on this project i dont want to work commercially i want to work with light and shadows even people. perhaps on a larger scale. I want to fill a space with something that people will be immersed in for example shadows wrapping around touching every surface of the room.




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