After modernism

During this session our first topic of discussion was:

All art & design both reflects and informs it’s “own time”

I agree with this statement because by investigating a piece of art or designs context, function, creator you can discover the meaning the information about itself and its time.

We discussed movements before post modernism helping us to further understand the cultural changes and defining points. For example:

  • “futurism” which is a time where artists were passionate about hopes and possibilities of future. Where art pieces reflected and were inspired by industrial and technological forms

To understand post modernism we had to have an understanding of modernism. Its very hard to pinpoint exactly when this movement started or to to give it an exact definition. However my interpretation of modernism is the creation of art that rejected any previous style. The experimenting with ideas  and materials creating forms that were considered to better reflect the modern society of that era.

Now post-modernism although hard to define is where artists or the society were sceptical towards claims of the truth. The rejection of one story.

 Increduality towards meta-narratives

-Jean Fancois Lytard- 1984.

When i first read this quote by Lytard i didn’t really get what he actually meant. However by breaking it down i realised Lytard has actually created one of the best definitions or descriptions of post-modernism.

  • Increduality – suspicious, but dont deny need to be convinced
  • meta-narratives -enormous sequence of events which seek to tell us who/ why we are like we are

So to sum up suspicious of events or times that dictate us or tell why we are a certain way

Some popular or well discussed topics are:

  • religion
  • philosophy
  • history
  • politics
  • science
  • art



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