In my second session of small metals i learnt about enamelling.The process involved:

  • Cutting 20 gage copper in to the desired shape, I wanted to create a leaf.


  • Heating the copper till cherry red with a blow torch, then dipping it into cold water to cool.


  • Once heated the copper is much more malleable. Using a variety of metal ball tools i was able to manipulate the copper bending, imprinting and indenting.


  • IMG_3074


  •  Once i finished shaping the leaf i was able to enamel. To do this i had to spray some sort of solvent onto the metal due to it not being flat. I then sprinkled the enamelling powder which stuck to the leaf. The leaf is then out in a small kiln which is heated to 800 degrees. The copper only has to be in the kiln for a few minutes to set and even out the enamel.




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