During my first rotation of workshops as well as metal i was able to make a finished decorative box. I adore wooden boxes with metal clasps so i was very happy.

  1. I had our health and safety session so I could freely and safely use the equipment like sanders and ban-saws.
  2. i then cut the sides, 2 long 2 short
  3. Next I cut half way  along each edge and a cut square this is to lock the sides together in a box shape when glued.
  4. Using gorilla glue i then glued the sides together
  5. I then stuck and top and bottom piece that were too big for the sides.
  6. Getting as close to the sides as possible I cut the excess off with the ban-saw this was to ensure to the top and bottom fit perfectly.
  7. Using the industrial sander i sanded down all the edges to get a clean finish
  8. Using a hand motored sander i used 3 sand papers gradually getting finer to continue to sand the box until it was soft to the touch.
  9. Using another piece of machinery Nigel our technical demonstrator cut a decorative edge into the soon to be lid.
  10. I then with a steady hand had to cut the lid off and chisel away any gorilla glue.
  11. The next step was to stain the wood i choose a dark mahogany colour because i love dark wood, where it looks aged and lovely.
  12. Once it had had several coat and dried i was able to screw the clasp hinges and decorative details into the box.



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