Pertaining to the visual – 1

My first ever constellation lecture was about interrogating the everyday. I learnt about how all aspects of culture communicate through visual means. One of the first exercise was about the underground sign in London.


This is an incredibly iconic symbol and a very good example of visual communication. We immediately recognise this symbol and understand what it means. It is also recognised all round the world and has been used as a symbol of British patriotism.

We then discussed how when something gets made it should be honest. An object shouldn’t hide what it is or mislead us. this visual communication should be truthful. By being honest the context of the object would be much clearer we would be able to see or understand the circumstances i which the object was made

some examples of different category of contexts are:

  • historical
  • political
  • technological
  • geographical
  • ethical
  • moral
  • social
  • cultural
  • gender
  • philological
  • professional
  • visual
  • religious


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