Metal workshop

For this term my first workshop was in the metal room with Dallas, where our aim for the first session was to create a metal candle holder. We used the majority of the equipment in the workshop for example

  • Guillotine
  • mechanical saw
  • circle cutter
  • Plasma cutter
  • Spot welder

20150929_120801 20150929_120753 20150929_120916 20150929_120828 20150929_120839

For this first session our aim was to make a candle holder which consisted of a small square tray with a patterned metal circle as its back. Metal is my safety blanket my most comfortable medium in sculpture, so I was pretty pleased with this mini project.

My favourite part of the process was the plasma cutting. I honestly feel incredibly calm when I am cutting through sheet metal like butter, with mass amounts of sparks flying around me. Although I found that I did not enjoy the measuring and accuracy of the prep work. I think this is because I have the bad habit of not perfecting or checking my work. Id like to think I “go with the flow” and “mistakes” aren’t always wrong, that you can usually find something positive out of a “mistake”. This theory however did not help me when I had to make something with specifications.

IMG_3075                                               IMG_3076


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