Fragile Exhibition

During my first week on the maker course, we had the opportunity to visit the Fragile exhibition at the National Welsh Museum. The exhibition offered a variety of themes and processes, ranging from small to large scale.  I really enjoyed the pieces that had the demonstrational videos which showed how the physical pieces were made. It was inspiring to see the effort that goes into it the process and how the artists work and adapt their techniques. I feel this has helped me appreciate other peoples work so much more.

My favourite piece from the exhibition was the twisted pot by Michikawa Shozo. Shozo is a talented japanese ceramist who creates ceramics that demostrates a flare. He is known for creating art that stands out in exhibitions  as the art speaks for itself. He describes his clay technique as  a vigorous process of twisting, gouging and cutting. Shozo sees clay and fire as materials that cant be completely controlled, he may direct the material but in the end its the clay that determines the outcome. I think that the way he guides the material but lets it do what it wants is truly amazing. I really admire the fact he doesn’t strive for perfection and is process i will aim to do in future projects. Shozo has really opened my eyes to the manipulation of clay and how im not necessarily 100% in control.

Michikawa Shozo's twisted pot 2009 stoneware, ash glaze
Michikawa Shozo’s twisted pot 2009
stoneware, ash glaze

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